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(n). a misunderstood person that is expected to act like an adult yet treated like a child


Hipsley Green 

(n). a teenage skin care range packed full of TLC and OMGness that uses only the best natural ingredients.

Created with teenagers in mind, you’ll find products to clean, detox and revitalise.

Whether you’re looking to target spots, rebalance oily skin or rehydrate dry skin, let’s do this your way.

Made for you, for your beautiful skin.

The Natural Generation


The Hipsley Green Journey

Back in 2014 I found that the natural skin care market catered well for both children and adults. Yet as a mother, to a then pre-teen, I found there was no in-between. Teenagers looking for natural options in skin care, designed for their skin and their needs, were faced with limited choices.

As a qualified and practicing aromatherapist I knew that nature provided us with amazing skin loving ingredients.

I decided to develop a natural teenage skin care range that meet the skin care needs of all teenagers and using all that nature had to offer. After three years of studying skincare formulation, researching natural ingredients, product development followed by numerous amounts of testing on my very patient and amazing teenagers, the Hipsley Green skincare range was launched.

The ingredients found in all of the products have been carefully selected. Labels can be very difficult to decipher, which is why I include a full ingredient listing with all the products. I want you to know exactly what you are putting on your skin.

I’m also a big believer of that good old phrase ‘you are what you eat’. If you follow my blog or Pinterest account you’ll not only see my favourite DIY Skin Beauty Recipes but I also share many of my favourite Glowing Skin Food Recipes too.   

Caroline x