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Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions


Who are these products for

Anyone over the age of 7. They have been formulated with 10 – 18 year olds in mind, focussing on areas of concern for this age group.

Many of the products contain powerful active plant extracts and essential oils. They are used to treat certain skin issues such as; spots, large pores, sensitive skin, dry skin, oily skin. These extracts and essential oils do an amazing job even at low dosage. Our products have been designed for teenage skin which means the level of extracts used are at the right levels for teenage skin too.

As we get older, 18+, our bodies and skin can tolerate higher concentrations of extracts and essential oils. Forteen products are still suitable for all ages, particularly sensitive skin that can be prone to irritations.

What is natural skincare?

Natural skin care can mean different things to different people. For some it may simply be that only a few ingredients are natural, but for Forteen it means that all of our products are made from natural ingredients, or as natural as we can possibly get them. Our ingredients are openly listed so you know exactly why and what has been selected.

Using natural ingredients means that you’ll find no parabens, no SLS/SLES, synthetics, artificial fragrance / parfum or petrochemicals in our products.

What you will find though is a variety of oils and butters such as jojoba oil, avocado oil, plum oil and mango butter. You’ll find essential oils too such as sweet orange and bergamot and you’ll find plant extracts such as Calendula and Evening Primrose.

What ingredients do you use in the products?

A list of all our ingredients and why we think they deserve a place in the forteen range can be found here

Do you test on animals?

Rest assured this is a big NO. Our products are only ever tested on our human mytee team as they give the best feedback.

There’s something wrong with my product

Uh oh this is not something that we like to hear. Send us an email explaining what’s wrong and we’ll sort it out.

Can I be part of the mytee team?

We have a team of Teen Ambassadors known as the mytee team that test our pre-launch products. They provide great feedback which means that we can make the products that you want even more amazing. If you’d like to be considered and be part of the mytee team send us an email and we’ll have a chat.