It's a Crewel World

‘For Jules’ party, I’d packed an acid-green singlet stitched with tiny, glittering Swarovski crystals that my boss had insisted on. He’d worn it to the Broadway opening night of A Chorus Line and the Queen of Denmark had admired it. “Always respect what the queens admire, Jake,” he’d said with a wink.’
What is it about high-octane investment banker Jules that easy-going, embroidery-loving Jake can’t quite put his finger on? Ricocheting between London and New York, the two young men become key players in a lucrative property development on the Spanish coast, where Jules grew up.
But when the American casino tycoon behind the deal gets the hots for Jake, they’re caught in a race against time to stave off personal and environmental mayhem.
And they soon discover that when you’re in and out of the closet, you’re bound to run into some skeletons...

Illustrations: Jenifer Carey