Therapist/The Rapist

Kate’s body uncurled with the straightening-out of her thoughts, a pitiless smile on her late-night lips. She knew now why she’d wanted control. To use it.

When teenager Kate Harvester visits wealthy, fun-loving Brad Harrison in 1980s Toronto, she plunges into the gay scene he inhabits.
A vicious assault on a young boy at a nightclub sparks an enduring bond between Kate and Brad’s enigmatic older friend Clay.
Years later, Kate starts a new life in racially-charged Washington D.C. There, she reignites her friendship with Clay.
But as they become increasingly involved, his twisted way of righting wrongs forces her to re-evaluate more than just her feelings.
Can Kate negotiate a way through the minefield of violence, political manoeuvring and sexual blackmail without losing her humanity?

"Tree Elven sets the scene like Anthony Powell, is as daring as the young Ian McEwan, yet managed to tell me things about sexuality Angela Carter and Germaine Greer never could. She engages the reader in a subversive thought process while telling a cracking good story. "

-- Martin Michael Roberts, award-winning former Reuters correspondent and New York Times acclaimed translator.